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What Could Go Wrong While Travelling By Flight

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What Could Go Wrong While Travelling By Flight

Location: Kalimpong

Flying by plane: it can be the ultimate start of your holiday. The fact is sometimes a lot of problems can come to surface, making it the worst start of your holiday. Here are the four worst things you can encounter when flying.

Flight overbooked
A known fact: airlines sell more tickets than seats available. Not that much of a problems since there are always travellers who don´t show up or cancel at the very last moment. Is your flight overbooked? Bear in mind taking the next plane could come with some financial compensation..

Flight delayed
Sometimes you could check early on whether the flight is being delayed, but sometimes it comes as a real suprise, just on the worst moment possible. If you are on the airport you will be given some tickets for free food or drinks. In the worst case a free stay in a hotel.

Flight cancelled
Luckily this is not happening a lot. But due to extreme weather or an error in the plane´s systems flights can be cancelled. What to do if your flight is cancelled? Airlines have a solution almost any time, like a stay in a hotel.

Annoying travellers
Finally in the plane and now your sitting next to a person getting you really on your nerves. It happens from time to time that when being inside the plane you can´t enjoy your well deserved tranquillity due to screaming babies, or drunk people. Best advise: plug-in an earphone and listen to you favourite artist in order to relax.

Luggage lost
After a long trip your luggage isn´t showing up on the conveyor belt. Disaster strikes! Really annoying but with a little patience in 99% of all cases your luggage will get back to you. Always make sure important things like money or medicine to bring with your hand luggage

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